Main sponsor

The Main Sponsor package will allow the organization (or brand) to have a place in all the official media presentations and printed publications preceding The Festival of Tea. This sponsor will also be featured in the visible advertising (billboards, posters, etc.) and souvenir materials presented at the festival itself, thus allowing the company/brand to have the most impressive possible presence at the event. Likewise, it will have a place in all the materials following the festival.

The Main sponsor status will create quite an impactful positive image for your company of brand; it will increase your product following and will become a global advertising campaign.

Please contact the Organizing Committee to inquire about becoming an official product

The International Festival of Tea in your city is a unique event in the city's cultural life, because such a festival is happening here for the first time ever.
The Festival of Tea public are millions of tea lovers around the world. Certainly not just everyone comes upon an opportunity to witness tea-drinking ceremonies from around the planet, all of which are taking place together. Not simply anybody has the chance to taste the best tea varieties of China, Japan, India, Ceylon and others. Hardly every person can take part in all the various events surrounding the festival. It is this incredibly unique event that will attract far-reaching attention to your city: from the society at large and the media (both regional and all-Ukrainian), which is interested in meeting and interviewing foreign representatives. It is all the more extraordinary since The Festival of Tea participants will have a chance to see architectural wonders, historical monuments and other landmarks of the city - a city, where they will have an opportunity for an exquisite holiday and a pleasurable time.
Those who are not able to attend The Festival of Tea in person will have the opportunity to observe the festivities through the media's active work. In such a way the viewers will learn about tea traditions of various countries, about the right way to chose, prepare and take tea and about much, much more. Performances of well-known foreign artists will be quite a treat, too.
Through this fascinating and intense program, The Festival of Tea will become a part of your city's history as a public holiday of culture and a healthy lifestyle, as one of bringing the best of hospitality traditions back to life. This event will turn into a thread connecting countries of the Orient and the Occident (the East and West). It is not just any mass media who will take interest in covering the event - before the event's opening ceremony your city will have a press conference with media representatives of your city and country.


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