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Consulting services for business
We offer you the following consulting services:

Financial Consulting
Our consultant conducts a preliminary audit seeking out any errors in the quarterly and yearly reports of the company, while also advising how to rectify the company's operation so the errors would not spring up again. The consultant will provide timely suggestions as to what is worth investing in, or warn you of fraud on the part of the accountants. (Advertising campaign optimization; financial, legal, and marketing audit)

Organizational Consulting
Sometimes, when the director boisterously overexpands their company, its structure reminds of a tangle where any productive ideas get bogged down. The consultant will help straighten out the organizational structure of the company and functions of the managers. (Logistics, recruiting, coaching)

HR Consulting
A specialist of this kind helps qualify personnel, define their duties, and establish a control system. The consultant will be very willing to advise you to dismiss any discovered "destructive elements, spies, and subversives," as they used to say, and to set up a system of hiring new personnel. (Recruitment, psychologist)

Psychological Consulting
A consultant (most often, a professional psychologist) takes part in resolving conflicts within the company as well as with its outside partners, monitors the process of negotiations, delivers psychological therapeutic first aid to top managers, and occasionally conducts psychological briefings for those who may wish to attend. (Coaching for personnel)

Marketing Consulting
When a question arises about the volume of production or a new line of business for the company, the executives address the marketer, who lays out the current situation in the market, does research commissioned by the client, or helps set up the company's own marketing structure. (Marketing research, developing marketing strategies)

There are no "bad" or "good" types of consultants. Each one may become an invaluable contributor to the progress made by your company.
In any kind of consulting, we are guided by international ethics principles of business partner interaction (confidentiality, trade secret preservation, etc.).

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