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Business seminar World of Brand!

1. Idea: from birth to implementation
2. Branding: creation, development, management

The goal of the seminar:
To create a new product: merchandise, service, project, enterprise.
To form new vision necessary for work on the new product.
To become aware of the connection between personal philosophy and business philosophy, as well as the birth and realization of the new idea.
To create successful enterprises and brands etc.
To develop skills necessary for work with the right bright hemisphere in order to solve any creative questions, to search quickly for an optimal solution etc.

This seminar is intended for administrators, entrepreneurs, development leaders; Brand managers, developers of new products, creative workers; head and staff of marketing department, realization department.

Main themes:
Business philosophy and philosophy of business.
Innovations and creativity as a base for creating a new product.
Different possible sources for new ideas to create new products.
Transition from an idea to a product.
Steps of development and realization of the new product.
Possible strategies of bringing new product to the market.
Trade mark and brand - synonyms?
Creating successful brands.
Positioning in branding etc.
Laws of Psycho-Cybernetics and successful business
Metaphysics in business and management.
Basics of Project Management.
Training exercises to develop right brain hemisphere
(responsible for creativity, creative approach, success etc.)
Maps Of Bounded Rationality: A Perspective On Intuitive Judgment And Choice - Nobel prize in economic science for 2002.

The seminar duration is 3 days 10 am to 7 pm, with an hour lunch break.

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