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What result will you get from our training programs?
- Increase of employee motivation, and increase in their effectiveness.
- Increase in volume of sales and increase in company's profit.
- Decrease of turnovers and decrease of your expenses.

We offer the following consulting products to your attention:

"Manager School"
"Protecting the Company's Interests as a Corporate Culture Component"
"Corporate Style"
"An individual's image as part of the company's image"
"Internet technologies: their necessity for a modern company"
"PR today"
"The Birth of a Brand"

Trainings for executives:
"Marketing Wars"
A VIP training: A business game:
- Outplay your competitor!
- Win the game strategically and tactically!
- Apply newly gained experience in your business!

"Conducting business negotiations"
- Why some win and others fail.
- Techniques of business communication during negotiations.
- Analyzing specific situations.

Corporate trainings:

Communication Basics of Sales: Formula for Success
(for sales assistants and managers)
- Secrets from a sales expert.
- How to conquer a customer.
- Miraculous ways to convince.

Team Unity Training
(for various levels of staff)
- Make your group into a successfully functioning team!

Why is it the corporate trainings that will be of use to you?
We develop and conduct the trainingfor your company's staff specifically;
The training will attain the goals set by you and take into consideration the peculiarities of your specific business;
There is total confidentiality ensured at the training, which is conducted where
and when it is convenient for you.

"Managing Stress"
Being able to to plan workload; strengthening volitional
processes; being able to avoid,
conflict situations; relieving psychoemotional tension.

"Discovering yourself"Training
Gaining self-confidence, unleashing your potential...

"The Lost Childhood" Training
What parts of our childhood stay with us and accompany us every day.

"How to Resolve a Problem" Training
Do you have a real problem? You would have to take
a different look at the situation, find out the source
of the problem, and arrive at a constructive solution.

"I want to Be Able to Communicate" Training
The art of living in the present. Positive changes.

"Leadership" Program
To become everybody's leader, first you have to become your own LEADER!

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