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A successful manager's approach
Presenters: Oleg Kostenko, Svitlana Tutova.
In our school, you can master basic skills needed to effectively work as a manager.
- Planning negotiations with customers - The art of computation.
- Going with the moment, or How do you start a conversation.
- Conversation techniques.
- A number of simple ways to win the customer's favor.
- "Specialty" advertising tricks.
- If there is no demand, you can create it!
- Ways to manipulate a customer.
- How to get the manager's interests to coincide with those of the partner's, or how to achieve cooperation.
- How to outplay a competitor.
- Methods of fast promotion of goods in the market.
- Analyzing your own operations.
- Deciding on the best sales policy.

The instruction is done through trainings and business games. Every participant of the training program will be able to practically reinforce the skills acquired.
Upon certification, the best trainees will have an opportunity to get employed in Kharkiv's leading companies through Rara Avis Recruitment Department.

There are a total of 10 sessions, 4 hours each:
Sessions 1-4: Introduction to the manager's work through business games.
Sessions 5-8: Honing role models through coaching.
Session 9: Specialization (tutors).
Session 10: Last session, business game, coaching, round table event, banquet.

Presenters: Alexey Rogov, Svitlana Tutova.
A note:
- is a part of marketing, with the goal to stimulate sales by attracting final customers attention to certain products or groups of products without active participation of special personell. When correctly done, merchandising increases customer's desire to buy, thus increasing sales. Merchandising technologies allow to quickly advance a new product, or to drastically increase demand for an already existing product. It also raises general service quality, which helps regular sales to be more effective.

You will learn in our school how to effectively market your products in places of sales.

Goals and results
Make the layout "speak" to a customer.Create an atmosphere in a store, conducive to buying.
Teach the salespersons of all possible ways of attracting customers.
How to effectively organize space of shop floor.
How to increase sales by convient placement and ensured visibility of merchandise.
How to create an effective system of stimulating impulse buying.
How to raise prestige of your trade mark.

Program of the training:
What is merchansiding.
The place of merchandising as an instrument of retail commerce.
Who conducts merchandising events.

Main rules of merchandising:

- The rule of assortment.
- The rule of reserves.
- The rule of presence.
- The rule of cycles and rotations.
- The rule of placement.
- The rule of priority spot.
- The rule of effective presentation.
- The rule of ad support.
- The rule of lighting.
- The rule of placement on the shop floor.

Planning os shopping floors
Layout of merchandise
The specifics of merchandising of different goods groups

There are a total of 10 sessions, 3-4 hours each:
Sessions 1-5: Introduction into work of a merchandizer in a form of business games:
Sessions 5-8: Working out certain behaviour models in a form of a training
Session 9: Specialization(curators)
Session 10: Business game, training, round table, a party.

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