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Marketing Wars

In March 2003, for the first time Kharkiv saw "Marketing Wars", a unique training from "Rara Avis".

The training was assisted by Kharkiv representative office of AISEC International.

Pictures from the Training (March 2003)


The training is targeted at top-level executives, directors and top managers in companies.

Principles for Offense:
"When absolute superiority is impossible to attain, one must achieve relative superiority in the crucial point by skillfully using whatever is available."
Carl von Klausewitz

Marketing Wars' form is a "war" game of intellectuals, and its contents is a "triathlon" with individual and team events in economic, strategic and tactical battles. Game situations allow one to develop an optimal behavior style in any sphere, to learn about new commercial techniques and strategies unknown to you, to experiment, to have a go at practically implementing the decisions that one would not venture to try in real life, and to gain experience of comprehensively resolving commercial, marketing-related and other issues that bind together the whole cycle of a company's development.

Authors of the training:
psychologists Natalia Perkolab, Yelena Belyayeva, Oleg Kostenko,
Director of the company Svitlana Tutova.

Duration: 3 days

Principles of Guerilla Warfare
A capitalist market in small
Building a company from scratch under fiercest competition
Marketing is a war

The main purpose of the program is, as an experiment, to implement the marketing solutions you would not venture to try out in real life.

Seminar/Training results: working out an optimal style of behavior for any commercial activity; learning about new commercial techniques and strategies, unknown to the participants; gaining experience of comprehensively resolving commercial, marketing-related and other issues that bind together the whole cycle of a company's development.

- Business organization and planning
- Marketing war
- Setting up your own business
- Analyzing specific winning and losing strategies
- Developing internal marketing, financial, HR, R&D, and other systems

The mini-market is like the real life, with all its government officials, money, taxes, deficit, budgets, the press, the authorities, the entrepreneurs and the unemployed; in short, all features of a capitalist society. Three hours into the game, any participant might- And six hours later, you will have conquered a certain presence. The timeframes, squeezed to the utmost, allow for the results to be gained almost instantly from every program.

The program makes use of video recording, business games, psychological analysis of difficult situations, debates, and drills to practically reinforce the skills gained.

"The inhabited island was the World, the only world in the Universe."
(The Inhabited Island by A. & B. Strugatsky)
But how do you...
combine intensive training, gain new experience in organizing and planning a business, become a millionaire or go broke, obtain invaluable experience in analyzing specific winning and losing strategies, and make your strategy more perfect, deliberate, and thought-out?

"That meant the inhabited island would not come to his rescue."
(The Inhabited Island by A. & B. Strugatsky).

The last training was covered in a news story from Objektiv media group, shown in a news program Objektiv Novosti on 14 March 2003

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